Monday, March 03, 2008

Benvenuti in Italia!

KL1601 landed a bit early, at 1210pm. As we were waiting to disembark, the purser announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, they're having some trouble aligning the airbridge with the door. They're going to give it a second try." And a third ... and a fourth ... they finally got it after six tries!

The baggage took a while to arrive. With some degree of alarm I noticed that one of the bags was tagged BCN, Barcelona! Some poor sod is probably rather upset right now ...

Aboard the Leonardo Express, the non-stop train from Fiumicino to Roma Termini. At 107pm, they announce that due to unforseen circumstances, there will be a delay of 20 minutes.

The train pulls out 5 minutes later.

Ah, it's great to be back in Italy! :-)

[Am settled in my digs near St. John Lateran. About to go meet a friend at the Spanish steps. Since I won't have this no. forever, if anyone wants to call, it's +39-3314303051 :-) Do note that Italy is six hours ahead of the US east coast.]

[The screensavers in this little internet cafe on V. Labicana are all Bollywood stars. The radio is tuned to a British station that is playing Bollywood music. It's like I haven't left India ... :-)]


Walt said...

Give His Holiness my best!!!

Mattheus Mei said...

I'm so jealous...