Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The latest Atlantic Monthly (March) has an article on the Muslim-Christian conflict in Nigeria. I've just started reading it. No printer here, so I'll have to read it in chunks. Very interesting so far. I'll put a report up later.

Also working on a post about the anti-conversion laws in India. A great (mainly forensic) analysis of the laws appeared in the January 12 issue of the Economic & Political Weekly. [H/t Mike Aquilina for that one.] (EPW is a leading journal of economic thought in India.)

Last few days in Baroda (we go to Bombay on Saturday) so I have bunches of errands to do.

And finally: PLEASE say a prayer that my passport arrives safely from Delhi. My brother couriered it on Monday; it should have reached yesterday (it's Wednesday morning here). He's traveling right now so doesn't have the tracking number. It had better show up today ... else this will be disastrous!

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