Friday, February 01, 2008

A letter from Orissa

A blog-friend in the US has been in touch with a priest who was directly affected by the anti-Christian violence in Orissa. With his permission, I'm transcribing a letter he recently received from this priest. [All identifying information has been removed, for obvious reasons.]
Greetings from Fr. ---. How are you? You will be sad to know the incident that took place in my diocese of Orissa on 24th Dec. The Hindu fundamentalists attacked 20 churches and convents and burnt houses and churches. After my holidays I had gone to a parish called ------. The problems started there. The Hindus burned the church and priest's house and even destroyed the houses and shops of the people. We ran for our lives. We were in the forests. I lost all my belongings and money which I had got from the diocese for my study. I borrowed money from somebody else for bus fare and came to ------. Seven to ten people were shot dead. The problem is still going on. People and priests, nuns live in fear. I came to ----- on 11th Jan. Kindly pray for me. I do pray for you. With prayerful good wishes I remain
Fr. -----

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