Saturday, February 16, 2008

2008 Catholic Blog Awards nominations open! [Sticky]

[This is a sticky post and will remain at the top of the blog for a while (hence the post-dating). Regular posts continue below. Dogwood reminds me that this is a competition so I should compete. So be it. There are, in my opinion, several worthier blogs in the Clergy/Religious/Seminarian category ... but thanks for the vote of confidence! :)]

Go and nominate your favorite blogs!

Like last year, you have to register. The registration you created last year is still valid.

Unlike last year, you can nominate a blog only once in one category.

Have at it!


Ambrose said...

Since you were a seminarian for most of last year, can you still be nominated in that category? I'm trying to figure out which box you fit in.

Gashwin said...

Oh dear, I've avoided boxes all my life. The only one will be the one I fit into at the very end ... :)

I think it would be appropriate to put me in the seminarian/religious category. I was formally in formation till last month, and I am still officially moving towards formation to a diocese (whose name shall remain undisclosed on the blog until I actually move there and settle in and finalize everything).

Many thanks for thinking of me! :)

EcceAdam said...

How do I go about nominating whispers in the loggia again?


Gashwin said...

Ha :-p

Actually there are separate categories, and they seem to have come up with a category for Rocco: "Best Insider News" :)

Dogwood Dell said...


BTW...I would encourage you to place this link near the top of your blog to remind people.

You do know this is a competition.

Best of luck!

Mattheus Mei said...

just nominated you for all categories - but don't really think yours really goes with "Best Blog by a Nun" but how could I resist the select all button...

City Yogin said...

Although I didn't "Select All" I did nominate you for quite a few. Good luck!!! :-)