Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rumors of bishops

From The Source of Rumors Ecclesiastical:
In reality, however -- auxiliary appointments being what they are these days (i.e. an eternity in coming) -- the eventual nominee will likely end up succeeding one of the nation's top diocesan prospects: the Steel City's lone active auxiliary, Bishop Paul Bradley.

A highly-regarded career pastor who became Vice-Wuerl on Zubik's 2003 departure for Green Bay, Bradley won high praise for his 15-month stint as diocesan administrator between The Don's departure for the capital and The Dave's arrival home -- a point reinforced when, at the latter's installation, the presbyterate led a prolonged standing ovation for the auxiliary that brought tears to his eyes.

While it's said that Bradley's already popped up on a number of ternae, his most-likely destination is repeatedly cited as the vacant diocese of Charleston... and not just because of South Carolina's prominent diaspora from Steeler Nation.

Speaking of Southern vacancies... well, more on that later.
Indeed. Well, whoever it is, I hope it's soon. Sees are not supposed to be vacant for months and months on end.

Biography of Aux. Bishop Bradley from the website of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

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