Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh geez

Article in L'Osservatore Romano critical of Harry Potter.

I just skimmed over it -- or rather what this news report said it said. I couldn't disagree more. Let's get over this obsession with Harry Potter, shall we?


Mac said...

Does someone in the Vatican have too much time on his hands? You'd think if they want to revive the Bonfire of the Vanities they'd choose something a little more subversive than Harry Potter.

Gashwin said...

Luckily there's enough pro-Potter Catholic voices out there too. Just because it appears in L'Osservatore doesn't make it either Vatican policy, and certainly not doctrine. :) And, despite the newswire's attempts, I don't think evil Papa Rottweiler is behind this move. It's not even a move, it's an opinion.

The Perpetual Malcontent said...

Jimmy Akin's blog:

In actuality, what L’Osservatore Romano published was a debate between pro-Potter and anti-Potter writers, which conveys an entirely different impression about the newspaper’s (and the Vatican’s) position.

Gashwin said...

Thanks. I figured there was some distortion in the report. Haven't really had the time to do the research into it. Nor am I surprised that "x" morphs into a totally divergent "y" in a secular news report involving the Vatican.