Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's a human being

Somehow I feel I ought to have a profound post up. I don't. I'm busy with what I am always busy with when back in SC: visiting folks.

This morning at daily Mass downtown, Father made a connection that seemed at once obvious, yet startling. He said that as Americans we remember 9-11 as a day of horror, of terror and attack, and the slaughter of innocents. Well, today, is another day of remembrance, as another slaughter of innocents was legitimized and continues.

I've carried that thought around all day. What a world we live in, where the right of a mother to kill her unborn child is celebrated as a victory for progress. And how far we are from a world where no woman feels that her only choice is to kill her child.

Another year. Another million odd lives.

May our stony hearts be melted. And may we continue to struggle for that most basic of human rights: the right to life.

[My post from the 2006 March: the first and only once I've attended.]

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