Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's good to be home!

Spotted off Percival Road. :)

This was on a post-dinner drive around town. Stopped by Shandon Baptist (aka "Six Flags Over Jesus") to admire the new sculpture outside the main entrance of Jonah and the Whale (it was too dark to get a photo); and also to see the new incarnation of Dreher High School.

Ended the day on the couch with J & Z watching a movie (The Namesake. Excellent!) ... just like old times! :)


WordWench said...

Gashwin, this church is right up from my house in Columbia! This is just one of many remarkable signs that grace this signboard during the year. Pastor there has been doing that for years.

And I am laughing out loud to find that somebody else refers to Shandon as "Six Flags over Jesus." I first heard that nickname from a guy who had moved into the condominium complex next to it only to have his entire sightline and view bricked off by the new Shandon sanctuary two years later...

"Six Flags over Jesus" has also been used to refer to some huge mega-church outside Greenville that has an outdoor heated baptismal pool.

Your humor always makes my day!!!

Mac said...

What do you suppose a Macedonian Baptist is, and does the sign indicate some sort of self-accusation about Balkan personal hygiene?

Gashwin said...

Macedonia Baptist is a pretty common moniker for Baptist congregations in the south ... :)

Word Wench: I first heard "Six Flags Over Jesus" from a good friend of mine. It works! And is hilarious! :)