Sunday, January 20, 2008

"It looksl ike Al Quds"

On the flight to BWI on Saturday from Boston, I ended up chatting with a fellow passenger, and then giving him a ride to the District. Turns out he's Israeli, born and raised in Jerusalem. He was meeting his fiancé in town. "Just drop me off anywhere in DC." Since I was headed to the northeastern quarter, I dropped him off at the National Shrine. As the structure came into view, he said, "Wow! That dome looks a lot like Al Quds!"

But of course. Didn't those who designed the Dome of the Rock copy Byzantine architecture?

It's been a fun farewell weekend in DC, hanging out with friends, and one last visit to Holy Transfiguration in McLean for Divine Liturgy. Tomorrow I head back to Carolina. My former pastor and close friend is being transferred, and I'm glad to be able to attend the farewell festivities.

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