Sunday, January 13, 2008

Facing East

The homily at Holy Transfiguration this morning focused a bit on the reason why Eastern Christians continue to pray facing east.

Was it just a coincidence that this was the topic, the day that the Holy Father himself (in a much publicized event) celebrated the Western Mass (Novus Ordo) at the altar in the Sistine Chapel in the same way?

It does make so much sense that, at least during the Eucharistic Prayer, priest and people face the same way, towards the direction of the Rising Sun, expectantly waiting for the return of the Son of Man.


Fr. Andrew said...

If you haven't, read Pope Benedict's Spirit of the Liturgy, especially the section on ad orientem prayers. Quite simple and profound.

Gashwin said...

Thanks, Fr. Andrew. I read it a few years back. Time for a revisit, for sure. Of course, right now, it, like pretty much all my books, are packed away :)