Thursday, December 27, 2007

Travel travel ...

Left Baroda this morning (6E277 absolutely on the dot), after a rather short but fantastic visit. Tons and tons of people milling around the house, just like a family gathering should be. Apart from the visit of my friend Barry from SC (which I have yet to blog on), my brother and his family, and cousins from Bombay and Ahmedabad and their families came down, as well as a cousin from the US who's in India right now. We called her in Bombay on Monday at 3:00 pm ... "We've got a ticket for you on the 6pm flight to Baroda. This is the confirmation #. Head to the airport 4 o' clock!" :)

A great time was had by all, especially my mother, who, I'm sure, really enjoyed having a full house. At one point all us adults were laughing so hard, that the kids stopped playing, fell silent and stared at us. "Aap sab pagal ho gayey hain!" "You've all gone mad!" my nephew declared.

In Bombay this afternoon (visiting more family: my uncle and aunt from Chicago who routinely winter in Bombay) and then tonight to the airport to catch the nonstop to Newark (CO49) and then to Columbia SC tomorrow morning. I'm cantoring a wedding this weekend (sorry! Co-cantoring with St. Lizzy!), serving a baptism on Sunday, and then for a few days of R&R with friends, before heading back up to seminary next week.

A packed vacation. I think I'll need another one to recover from this one. :)

Compliments of the season, y'all (as they say in Bombay. Without the "y'all."). :-D

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