Tuesday, December 18, 2007

President Bush visits the Little Sisters

Image courtesy the White House. The photo shows one of the residents, Mr. Dignazio, playing the accordion. He's quite a fellow! The previous week, I helped him write some letters so he could be free to practice for upcoming events. Such as this one, I guess!

Last Friday at my apostolate, the place was abuzz. On Tuesday, the President was going to pay a visit (the first one by a sitting President since Ronald Reagan swung by in 1984), and promote volunteerism. As I took the van out to take some residents to the grocery store, I noticed a few guys in black suits wandering around outside, pointing at things, taking notes. It looked like they were real-estate appraisers; of course, it was the Secret Service. "Oh they've been wonderful," a Sister told me later.

Well, President Bush's visit was yesterday ("earlier today" for y'all on the US East Coast. My body-clock is still there. Which is why I'm awake at 530am here :)).
First, there are volunteers here in the community who have taken time out of their busy schedules to volunteer to help somebody. And that's one of the messages of the Christmas season, that I hope our fellow citizens reach out and find a neighbor in need, find out somebody who needs a loving pat on the back, or somebody who could use a little help in learning how to read, or an elderly citizen who wants to know that somebody cares for them. It doesn't take much effort; it takes a little prioritization. And during a season in which we count our blessings, I would hope those of us who are blessed help somebody else.
Here's a photo of the President surrounded by members of the Congregation, including one of their postulants.

Image courtesy the Anchoress.

[Now, I'm far from being a fan of President Bush. However, I'm glad his visit is highlighting the wonderful work done by the Little Sisters, as well as promoting volunteerism.]


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

I've just been informed that the superior of this community of sisters is the sister of one of the priests of my province!

So, you see, you can't get away from us!

Hope you are well! Blessed Christmas!

Gashwin said...

Wow ... small world!

Whoever said I was trying to get away from y'all? It's futile ... :)

Happy Christmas to you and yours too!