Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oprah in SC

Good friends Yogin, Leonardo and Dogwood were "tailgaiting" this morning at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia (that's the football stadium, for all you Yankees :)), in anticipation of the rally to be held there for Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey. [And Leonardo (aka Mattheus) managed to get interviewed by WOLO too ...]

A text message from Leonardo from the rally itself said that the estimated turnout was about 30,000. And Dogwood sent this photo.

Looks like a football game to me! I'm sure they'll have more on their blogs soon.

The AP story.


Dogwood Dell said...

Offially over 36,000. I'm still waiting for what the press reports.

It was a good size crowd that filled roughly half the stadium.

Mac said...

Odd that Ms Winfrey doesn't get the message -- long since amply communicated by the experience of other politicians who have been enthusiastically championed by Barbar Streisand et al. -- that celebrity endorsements rub the electorate the wrong way. Voters are perhaps not quite so dumb as they are widely assumed to be, eh.

Mac said...

(Barbra, that is: that wasn't intended to be an editorial comment!)