Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Men of Boystown

A fascinating, challenging and encouraging story at Christianity Today from those ministering to male prostitutes.
Still, the sometimes glamorous pretenses of hustling conceal a much darker reality. Many hustlers are boys who have run away from unstable home situations where there was physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, or where there were family conflicts over the sexuality of gay-identified youth. Research has shown a high frequency of hustlers who come from broken homes, homes with indifference or lack of affection, and hostile or abusive family members. One study in D.C. found that only 27 percent of young hustlers came from homes with both parents present; another national study found that only 18 percent had an intact family, and even when an apparently intact family existed, the relationships were broken. Most studies concur that fathers, more often than mothers, are either absent or ineffective.


pritcher said...

Wow. I was in the library the other day looking at some of Tolkein's writing on "The Battle of Maldon," and I, impulsively, picked up a copy of LOTR and decided to read it over the break. I've never read it before. How that happened I don't know.

Seems it must have been an appropriate impulse to pick up the book.

Other advent read: The Prison Mediations of Father Delp.

Gashwin said...

Hmm ... I do think you meant to leave this comment on another post ... :)

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