Sunday, December 16, 2007

LSU shootings

:: UPDATE :: You can contribute to the LSU foundation's special fund for the families of the victims online.::

I only heard about the shooting of two doctoral students from India in their on-campus housing at LSU earlier today (I was away from the computer most of Friday). This is simply HORRIBLE!


FBI Joins probe. (NDTV)

Gulf News: Students' murders shock families.

From the LSU website: memorial service; support fund established.
The LSU Foundation has established the Komma & Allam Support Fund to assist the students' families. To contribute to the fund, donors should make checks payable to the LSU Foundation, 3838 West Lakeshore Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70808. For more information on the fund, call 225-578-3811
I'm sending in a check. If y'all feel so moved, please do so as well.

Facebook group

Having been an ex-pat graduate student in this country, I can only imagine what the families are going through.

Requiescant in pace. May the perpetrators be brought to justice.


Mac said...

Is it not just horrible. I have dealt with this many times myself, co-nationals of mine in foreign lands we lived in being murdered; I don't for a moment buy into the "closure" nonsense that is perpetually tossed at us these days but for whatever it's worth, at least in the USA one may reasonably expect that the wrongdoers might if not actually be apprehended, at least be honestly sought after, and it not just be tossed aside as, "Oh, well, just a foreigner that was killed; doesn't really matter..." as has been the case with friends of mine who died in similar circumstances. You may have noted the unedifying discussion on "Sepia Mutiny" to contrary effect: not helpful to anyone, surely.

Gashwin said...

Yeah, Sepia Mutiny seems a bit too "we're brown, we're victims" obsessed.

And yes, there will be a serious effort to pursue the killers here. Unlike even in India, unless those murdered were of a certain status, or the crimes so heinous that they caused a public outcry (which is one good thing about the new hyperventillating 24/7 channels -- they can mobilize national public opinion in a way that nothing really did before in India).