Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jet lag

Uneventful flights from IAD-AMS-BOM (St. Lizzy, in response to your query below, take-off from Dulles was on 19L, landing in AMS on 4 :)). Lots of sleep -- thanks to emergency exit rows (the joys of being a loyal Skyteam customer). KLM food is much better than NW. And the flight attendants are a darn sight prettier too :) I had about 15 minutes in AMS. Tried to pick up some Scotch for my cousin at the duty free, but was informed that liquids were not permitted on flights to India. Stupid desi babus.

About 10 minutes out of Bombay (or rather, 10 minutes before landing; we reached Bombay on time at 1130pm, but circled for about 45 minutes before lining up to Rwy 27) a middle-aged Dutch lady came up to me, pointed to my cross, and said, "Nice to meet you brother!" She was wearing a cross as well, along with what looked like a Miraculous Medal. I guess she was happy to see another Christian on the plane ... ? I've got her card and will drop her a line.

Immigration and customs in Bombay were a breeze, but the airport was phenomenally crowded and it was 1:30 am before we got back to my uncle's place, just in time for a few zz's before heading out at around 645am for the morning flight to Baroda, which was, amazingly, on time.

A friend of mine from South Carolina (well, he's from Louisiana), who's backpacking around the world, is in India, and has come to Baroda for a few days.

Right now I'm battling jet lag by watching a really pathetic Bollywood movie (the hero and heroine just broke into song in the middle of a glacier in the Himalayas); the subtitles are so pathetic it's almost worth it!

It's nice to be on vacation. :)

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