Saturday, December 08, 2007

Immaculate Conception Parish

For Mass today, I decided to forgo the solemn liturgy at the Basilica up the street, and instead, went with my good friends A&B to their parish, Immaculate Conception, a beautiful, historic church on 8th & N NW.

The Mass was sparsely attended; the celebrant (and new pastor) was superb. A very gentle, reverent, self-effacing style, with a fantastic homily that gave the basics about today's feast and how it relates to our lives.

Here are some shots of this beautiful church.

According to my friends, this is a historical Spanish statue that the previous pastor acquired.

The beautiful high altar and apse.

Each of these shields has a Marian title on it, such as Mystical Rose, Virgin of Virgins, Morning Star, Gate of Heaven etc.

Stained glass showing the Immaculate Conception and the BVM with St. Anne.

This is a little chapel at the very back, dedicated to Our Lady of Miraculous Healing.


angelmeg said...

You've been tagged

Mac said...

Thank you for the photos of St Matthew's Cathedral, Washington. I hadn't realised you had put them up.

But where are the photos of Cherian's Oriental Orthodox church in Bombay? I have visitors from PNG and I wanted to show them, but I can't find them.