Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hey I played him once!

Дед Мороз, Ded Moroz, Father Frost. At a holiday party (it was so not a Christmas party) at the House of Soviet Culture in Bombay. Years ago, in college. I studied Russian for about 4 years, in HS and college, taking classes at the HOSC (now the Center for Russian Culture). Yes, it was still Soviet back then. I don't remember any of my lines (which I'd painfully memorized, including a rather lame joke that no one got. I didn't write the script though); the costume was great -- all green, a long white beard, and no pillow-padding. Father Frost is a skinny fellow. [The highlight of those years of classes was not playing Ded Moroz, however, but an all-expenses paid 10-day long trip to the USSR: Tashkent, Samarkand, Alma Aty and Moscow.]

Meet Russia's Antidote To Santa , Father Frost Looks Like Santa, But What About The Elves And Reindeer? - CBS News

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