Monday, December 10, 2007

Elections in Gujarat

Narendra Modi is rounding up a campaign season to stay on as Chief Minister. Well, campaigning would have ended: in India, it's illegal to campaign within 48 hours of an election. The polls are taking place over two days: Dec. 11 (tomorrow ... right now, actually, IST) and Dec. 16.

Critics denounce Hindu nationalists in Gujarat
. (Spero News)

Don't mention the massacre. (The Economist)

Bloodshed in '02 Shadows Indian Politician in Race That Tests Nationalist Party. (NYT)

Religious Divide takes centre stage in Gujarat poll. (Reuters India)
A state election that was supposed to be about India's booming economy has turned into a war of words over Hindu-Muslim divisions, riots and extra-judicial killings.

Gujarat, one of India's most developed and also one of its most communally divided states, votes on Tuesday and Sunday in a two-stage poll that is being closely watched for clues about the fortunes of the country's two main parties.
Polls say he might win, but not by a landslide. I hope he loses. Badly.

Say a prayer for a peaceful poll, y'all.

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