Friday, December 21, 2007

And from Catholic India ...

New Indian cardinal urges outreach | Spero News
Cardinal Toppo was addressing Church leaders, union ministers, government officials, leaders of different religions and media persons at a Christmas get-together held at CBCI Centre, New Delhi.

“Religious leaders need to avoid restricting their relationships to their own religious communities. They need to expand their relationships to other communities too,” he added.
Let me tell you in a country where the link between religion and violence is deep and strong, these are not mere platitudes. The only thing is: Cardinal Toppo was elevated to the College of Cardinals in 2003, not in the latest one in November.

And, the persecution of Christians continues, in the "vibrant Gujarat" of Narendra Modi. Catholic nun, priests attacked in Gujarat. (See post below on the Gujarat Bishops stance on the Assembly elections in Gujarat.)

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