Monday, December 03, 2007

Advent with Fr. Hecker: I

Starting tomorrow and for the next four days, we're having a sort of in-house mini-retreat during the day, focusing on the various writings of Fr. Hecker.

I thought it might be neat to journey with Fr. Hecker during this Advent. So, I'll be posting a brief quote from him every day starting today. At least for the next two weeks (after which vacation and travel intervene, so I'm not sure how regular I'll be able to be).

Today's quote is related directly to the season of Advent, but the others won't necessarily be.

Now it was given me to understand, that there is a Threefold coming of Christ. His first coming was in the flesh. After which, before he left the world he engaged that he would come again in spirit to his own that were in it. This has been accomplished. This was his Second Coming. Upon which we have lived, and spent upon this stock of Life ever since his departure. I mean such, who for this worthy gift have with great seeking obtained it. This the Apostles had more richly and abundantly, as to the manifold workings by powers and gifts, than any since. But yet they were still looking for his next coming; for, by his Spirit, with his Mind, Will, and Senses should be all internally transformed; (as the new Testament runs much upon it) to be found sinless ; spotless, and blameless, against the coming of the Lord.

And what is to be done at his third coming,
but to change our vile bodies, and to fashion them like unto his own Glorious Body by that power which shall open the Element (the Eternal Nature) which the Celestial Body shall evermore consist of: Christ's third coming will be to this purpose. To redeem bodies out from all those evil events that sin brought in, so that every spirit may come to have its own Native Body, and the spirit may no longer draw one way and the flesh another. (Emphases in the original. From his Diary, May 18, 1844. This was just before he was baptized and received into the Church.)

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