Monday, December 10, 2007

Advent with Fr. Hecker: Day 7

[Whoops! I missed Sunday! Mea culpa!]

The prime postulate of a sound Catholic is this: the Church is divine, moved by the instinct of the Holy Spirit in all her supreme and vital acts. The Catholic who does not hold this as a firm and immovable basis has lost, or never had, the true conception of the Church, and is in immediate danger of becoming a rebel and a heretic, if he not be one already. Whoso fails to recognize this permanent divine action in the Church, the light of the Holy Spirit has departed from his soul, and he becomes thereby external to the Church ... [T]he Divine spirit embodied in the Church and the Divine Spirit embodied in the Christian soul are one and the same Divine Spirit, and they bear testimony to each other, and work together for the same end. (1886.The Church And the Age)

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