Tuesday, November 20, 2007

St. Lucy

Continuing the journey around Paulist history: an article from TIME back in 1937 about the Paulist Trailer Missions in Winchester, TN, and their trailer, St. Lucy. Trailer Fathers.
Paulists Cunningham (who had preached before in non-Catholic Tennessee) and Halloran (who was born in McEwen, Tenn.) set out from Manhattan last September with St. Lucy attached to their Ford. St. Lucy is 23 feet long, contains living quarters forward, and in the rear, a confessional, a chapel with a folding altar, which can be opened for outdoor meetings. There is space in the trailer for phonograph records, sound film equipment, a public-address system. By last week Fathers Cunningham and Halloran were well accustomed to parking St. Lucy in likely spots, playing phonograph records to attract a crowd and then exhibiting about 50 minutes of religious movies with a 20-minute sermon sandwiched between. Said Father Cunningham before they left Manhattan: "They can take it down there. If you give a 15-minute sermon you're a sissy."


Mattheus Mei said...

Hot damn, you need to buy Slim and start your own Paulist Tent Revival Series and travel throughout Appalachia and the great west, you now know your call!!!

Gashwin said...

Slim? Now there's a thought! :)