Friday, November 30, 2007

St. Andrew

Andrew, like his brother, Simon Peter, was a fisherman. He became a disciple of the great St. John the Baptist. However, when John pointed to Jesus and said, "Behold the Lamb of God," Andrew understood that Jesus was greater. At once he left John to follow the Divine Master. Jesus knew that Andrew was walking behind him. Turning back, he asked, "What do you seek?" Andrew answered that he would like to know where Jesus dwelt. Our Lord replied, "Come and see." Andrew had been with Jesus only a little while when he realized that this was truly the Messiah. From then on, he decided to follow Jesus. He became the first disciple of Christ. Next Andrew brought his brother Simon (St. Peter) to Jesus. The Lord received him, too, as his disciple. He promised to make them fishers of men, and this time they left their nets for good. It is believed that after Our Lord ascended into heaven, St. Andrew preached the Gospel in Greece. He is said to have been put to death on a cross, to which he was tied, not nailed. He lived two days in that state of suffering. Andrew still found enough strength to preach to the people who gathered around their beloved apostle. Two countries have chosen St. Andrew as their patron-Russia and Scotland. "After Andrew had stayed with Jesus and had learned much from him, he did not keep this treasure to himself, but hastened to share it with his brother." --St. John Chrysostom

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