Friday, November 16, 2007

The Orthodox-Catholic Statement

It's been a busy week, and I've not been able to read this yet, or follow the coverage that much.

It's a big deal, really.

So, here's the statement.

Ruth Gledhill.

My buddy Leonardo.

Catholic Blogs search with the term "orthodox."

More thoughts after I've read it.

[PS: I wonder how many are aware that some moves have been made towards resolving the Filioque dispute, that it might not really be seen as a church-dividing issue? The North American Catholic-Orthodox dialogue issued An Agreed Statement on the Filioque in 2003. [A critical Catholic response. Further reactions.]

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Mac said...

Yes, well, let's hear more about that, eh. We've talked about my and your encounter with the "filioque" issue in India, have we not? It doesn't seem to register very loud among the issues that divide. My Eastern Catholic friends report a fairly urgent feeling of hurt when they attempt to worship with Oriental Orthodox friends from Egypt and I confess that the same feeling arises somewhat with me lately as to friends from Ethiopia....The "Filioque" clause may be the least of the issues. Possibly we could confer about this privately....