Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A new consecrated virgin

Via the New Advent aggregator feed I came across this wonderful story, about a young woman who is going to enter the order of consecrated virgins in Minnesota this weekend.

Q: What is a consecrated virgin?

A: A consecrated virgin is a woman who is a spouse to Christ, that Christ has called to be his bride. The bishop consecrates her through the church to our Lord as his spouse.

Q: Does that mean celibacy?

A: Yes. It means everything is consecrated - one's virginity, one's entire life, that Christ is foremost. Everything in one's life is centered on Christ.

Q: Why did you choose to become one?

A: Because [Christ] invited me to it. It's really a personal invitation, of seeking God's will. I looked into religious life in college, discerned that wasn't it and then was really open to marriage. . . . It really comes down to an invitation from him, just as a woman would be proposed to.
[She's not a religious. She lives in the world, and has a day job. At dinner, one of the priests was telling us that he knows a consecrated virgin who works as a cardiologist. It's a beautiful vocation!]

What a powerful witness!

Here's a website about Consecrated Virginity.

Keep her in your prayers!

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