Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From Fr. Hecker's diary

June 25, 1844

He says I am all; ask of me and I will give you more than has been written, than you can find our dig out by study.

Be my spokesman, this is your office. Submit to me; this is your glory. I have taken up my abode in you on condition that you will be obedient, faithful and submissive.

You have no business to ask of me what I am going to set you about. I am and you know it and this is enough for you to know.

This is my condition for remaining with you: that you entertain me and me alone and no other on any pretext whatsoever.

I am all and this suffices.

You have nothing to say, do, or to be troubled about; only do as I bid you to do; follow what I tell and be still. ...

I want all your time and to speak all that is to be said. You have no right to speak a word, not a word of your own. You are not your own. You have given yourself up to me and I am all; I will not leave you unless you leave me first and then I shall be ever the nearest to you but you will not know it.

I am your Friend, the one who loves you and I have discovered myself to you and will do so more but the condition of so doing requires ever more faith, tenderness and submissiveness. Nothing is so near, so full of enjoyment as I am to you; and you cannot leave me without giving up the greater for the less.

I talk to you at all times and am with you at all seasons and my delight is to be in your presence to love you and take delight in the love I bestow on you. I direct your pen, speech, thoughts and affections though you know it sensible, but you shall know it clearer who I am and all respecting me if you but comply with my requirements.

You need not fear, you cannot make any mistakes, if you submit to be directed by me.

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