Tuesday, November 20, 2007

From the diary of Fr. Hecker

(Every day after Vespers we read sections from the writings of Fr. Hecker. His Diary, written between 1843-45, is a fascinating window into his mind and soul.) This prayer appears on June 11, 1844, a few weeks before he was baptized and entered the Roman Catholic Church.
This is a heavy task; it is a great undertaking; a serious, sacred, sincere, and solemn step; it is the most vital and eternal act, and as such do I feel it in all its importance, weight, and power. O God! Thou who hast led me by Thy heavenly messengers, by Thy divine grace, to make this new, unforeseen, and religious act of duty, support me in the day of trial. Support me, O Lord, in my confessions; give me strength and purity to speak freely the whole truth without any equivocation or attempt at justification. O Lord, help Thy servant when he is feeble and would fall.

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