Saturday, November 17, 2007

Devastation in Bangladesh

The death toll is nearing, or over, 2000. Nearly 2 million displaced. Thousands of survivors await crucial relief after cyclone pummels Bangladesh - International Herald Tribune

Make a donation online to Catholic Relief Services.

[The death-toll, while devastating, is considerably lower than it would have been without early-warning systems and evacuation shelters and plans in place. In 1991, tropical storm Gorky killed around 140,000.]


Mac said...

What witness does Catholic Relief Services have in Bangladesh?

All Bangladeshis I know (and I know several) are deeply suspicious of Christian witness in BD, despite that country's very large non-Muslim (but very little Xian) constituency. Can you tell us more?

Gashwin said...

I have no earthly idea ... however, I do know that CRS (which is the international aid arm of Catholic Charities USA) does stellar work in disaster aid all over the world, including South Asia, and works with a host of NGOs and governmental relief agencies.