Friday, October 26, 2007

Work day

Thursdays are work days in the novitiate: we mop floors and do whatever else the Novice Master tells us to. Today, we mopped floor (that is a constant), and painted one wall of the dining room. The first color turned out to be rather dark and gloomy (it looked green, but dried to a rather menacing shade of grey reminiscent of basalt). So we added two coats of a lighter green, finishing just before the rest of the house showed up to ooh-and-aah at dinner. [Complaints were not recorded.]

I must say, I like painting.

The evening was spent in a marathon ironing session (interrupted by episodes of Deadwood. Man, I'm hooked! The Canadian has all three seasons. We just finished season two.) Now the pile of clothes in the laundry basket on the floor (clean clothes, mind you) no longer stares at me with a gimlet, complaining, eye every time I step over it to get to the door. And there's nothing like listening to some podcasts, or radio shows and so on, while ironing clothes. Tonight, I was regaled by Prof. Eamon Duffy going through the lives of Ten Popes Who Shook the World (BBC Radio 4. Hat tip to Amy) Eamon Duffy rocks. Highly recommended! (Scroll down on the link above to "T")

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