Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tolle, lege

A somewhat dramatic YouTube video over at Catholic Tube, with evengelical preacher John Piper reading from St. Augustine's confession (the famous Tolle, lege passage) and making the connection to pornography. Check it out!


pritcher said...

Thanks for sharing that...we just finished talking about this passage in class last week. The more I read of St Augustine, the more I appreciate and feel his awe at God.

It was interesting to hear Piper's audience chuckling at Augustine's Bible roulette.

pritcher said...

Also, from book 10 of the Confessions: "But in my memory of which I have spoken at length, there still live images of acts which were fixed there by my sexual habit. These images attack me."

Could be read as having to do with the power of pornography to burn itself into one's mind...certainly gets to the addiction aspect of it.