Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stephan Moccio


The music is haunting and beautiful.

I discovered Stephan Moccio through this interview he gave on Salt and Light TV (a Canadian Catholic TV channel). [H/t to Rocco.]

On his website, his album Exposure is listed as being available on iTunes. Turns out it is available only in iTunes Canada. And those with US addresses cannot purchase stuff from iTunes Canada. So I left a message on his fan-group on Facebook asking if it were available in the US. "Just check out Amazon or B&N" was the reply. DUH! You mean actually order a CD and have it mailed to you? Wow! :) [GEEZ! $27 on both Amazon and B&N. It's CDN14.95+shipping from Maple Store (Canada). There's a used one on Amazon for $11.98, shipping from NY. AND ... ebay has one solitary auction, with a starting bid of .... TWO DOLLARS! Woo hoo! :)]

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Mattheus Mei said...

sounds like stuff you'd hear on a lifetime movie network murder mystery... I was waiting for angela landsbury