Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Red Hats all around

Well, obviously not all around. (Rocco's "Red Dawn" is so classic Rocco, I have to say!).

Two Americans: Archbishop Foley (Pro-Grand Master of the Equesterian Order of the Holy Sepulchre) and Archbishop DiNardo of Houston, which is a big recognition of the growth of the Church in the American Southwest. Ok South. (Not the real South, which would be the Southeast really. Atlanta one of these days maybe? :))

As expected Archbishop Gracias of Bombay was on the list.

My current ordinary, Archbishop Wuerl, was not. Most probably because Cardinal McCarrick is still alive and well, and is still under 80. Can't have two electors from one place, I guess?

The list. Consistory on November 24.

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