Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nerve wracking border war

Was that a nerve-wracking game today against North Carolina or what? What happened in the second half? Where was our offense?

Ok, we squeaked by 21-15. But that last minute lasted forever, and those last 4 seconds even longer! We may be #1 in the SEC East now, but this kind of an offense will not do against Tennessee, or Florida, or Arkansas.

After the game was over, in order to calm our nerves, we downed some shots of bourbon.

At least we've established who Carolina is. Barely. But a win's a win.

[And what about that KY-FL game? Wow!]

(This one's a Kingfisher, from a desi restaurant in Shirlington, where we repaired to after the game. Goes well with murgh makhani!)

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