Monday, October 01, 2007

"Nazi" Bedding?

BBC NEWS | South Asia | 'Nazi' bedding outcry in India Shouldn't be just Indian Jews who are protesting this. What a thoroughly disgusting marketing idea!


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Time to admit ignorance here: are there any situations where the marketing of the swastika would be OK, given its history in Hindu culture?

Using the term "Nazi" was a bit weird; had the guy never seen the Hitler, errr, History Channel?

Gashwin said...

Oh totally -- Westerners are often shocked by the ubiquity of the swastika in India. It's not just a historical symbol, it's part and parcel of modern Hindu religious symbolism -- it occurs in temples, in doorways during festivals, on stationery, on wedding invitations, in a variety of different colors. No one confuses this with the Nazis.

It's never, as far as I know, black on a white and red background: that association is clearly National Socialist.

In this case, this dude was clearly using the latter symbol, along with the name, Nazi, itself.

Not appropriate.