Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid Mubarak!

Tomorrow (Oct 13) marks the end of Ramzaan and the Muslim month of fasting and the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr (At least in the US -- I don't know if other places follow a 29 or 30 day Ramadan, nor am I really not familiar with the complexities of what the new moon is doing at this time.)

In this year's letter to Muslims for Ramadan, the Vatican urged Muslims and Christians to work together for peace.

And today, some 138 Muslim scholars wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury and to Pope Benedict, calling for common ground with Christians.

This evangelical Christian website organized 30-days of prayers for and with Muslims, to coincide with Ramadan this year, a neat gesture!

[It might be a bit churlish to link to this interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, where she calls for the defeat of Islam, as one is expressing good wishes to Muslims for Eid! I found it on Abu Daoud's fantastic blog, Islam and Christianity.]

One hallmark of Eid is the repetitious chanting of the Takbir ("God is great" Allahu Akbar). Here's a Youtube video from Mecca of the Takbirat. [And at least right now, the very first comment on the video says "eid mubarak for all muslims, may god bless all ppl on earth(exept jews)! allah akbar!" So much for peace and understanding!]

Finally, over the period of Ramzaan (The Hindustani/Urdi word comes more naturally to me) I've been periodically visiting the blog of Abdur Rahman, an English convert to Sunni Islam who is also a Sufi. Here's a poem by him:
What a strange and precious thing love is.
It is not exhausted by use, it is not wearied by sharing.

It flows wherever it wills, and none can gainsay it:
even the most stubborn walls are as nothing next to its awesome majesty.

And yet, love is as gentle as a new-born babe,
or a shy colt in a summer meadow.

In love we are brought forth; in love we are returned home.
With love we are quickened; with love we are laid low.

What else is there besides love,
and who else besides the Beloved?
Eid Mubarak.

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