Sunday, October 28, 2007

Colbert on the Horseshoe

Friends Dogwood and Leonardo were there! [That's a photo of Mrs. Dell that showed up on my cell phone this morning. It dispels some of the gloom from last night's defeat. But only some. :: sigh ::] And a former student wrote on my Facebook wall the following.
If elected, he plans to destroy the state of Georgia (and Tennessee, for good measure). One thing he cautioned about though is eating imported shrimp. You see, the Chinese could be feeding their shrimp Georgia peaches.
Good. Especially that Tennessee was included.

[In other news, the novices spent the morning cleaning glass shards out of the nine cars that got hit last night. It wasn't just us -- apparently Trinity Univ. across 4th Street also got hit. Since our insurance company is closed on Sundays, the repair work will only begin tomorrow.

So, I guess our slogan can be, "Open the windows to Christ!" :)

Oh, the cops haven't yet shown up to file a report. Frickin' DC.]

:: UPDATE :: Dogwood has photos and a link to WLTK's raw footage of Colbert's speech. My favorite part -- he is concluding with the State motto, and someone shouts, "Go Cocks!" So ... "I can't improve on that. GO COCKS!" ::

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Dogwood Dell said...

Photos now on my Flickr account and a video link of Colbert's speach on my blog.