Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Women sue over receiving IVF twins - National - smh.com.au

Women sue over receiving IVF twins - National - smh.com.au Um. What does one say?

Well, the obvious thing is -- if the other one is a "mistake" why don't we just kill it? No, the burden isn't the children's -- but it's the doctor's, who screwed up?

What a world!


Mac said...

Oh, do try not to amp up the rhetoric too high. We don't want to sound like Ann Coulter, do we.

But, come to think of it, is she a serious political commentator? I hear her as a comedian and a satirist; maybe a self-satirist, but a satirist. I really never laugh at Bill Maher and I disagree with, oh, say, 60% of what he says. But I vastly admire his intelligent commentary, laugh though I don't. He is a very serious moralist posing as a comedian, whereas Ms Coulter is a comedian posing as a political commentator.

One has to say, though, that she is, when all is said and done, very funny. That of course supposes that she doesn't for a moment expect to be taken seriously. I wonder, though, what she would make of this story in the Australian press if she weren't an arrogantly American international obliviousness-nik.

Gashwin said...

Well I've never been compared to Coulter! I've never actually heard her or read anything by her. There's rabid crowds who take her seriously, yes. I don't know that she counts as a serious political commentator though.

Now tell me, what exactly was Coulterish about my response? Snarky, perhaps (the sin of choice of the blogosphere). But isn't one reasonable in wondering whether things haven't gone too far?