Monday, September 17, 2007

Windy City

Drove up to Chicago today, stop 2 on the Great Paulist Road Trip 2007 (yet again!). The guys were in the van, and I had a separate car so on the way I took a slight detour and stopped in Fort Wayne, IN. Getting to Ft. Wayne from Columbus is not easy -- there's all kinds of state and federal highways one goes on. Google Maps rocks though.

Oh, I stopped in Ft. Wayne to have lunch with a friend. We were supposed to meet at a new Italian place, which turned out to be closed, so ended up at an Indian lunch buffet.

In Chicago, two of us are being hosted by some gracious parishioners who live in a wonderful condo a block from the parish, while one gets to stay at the rectory with the priests.

My brother's in the US this week (he comes here on and off). He flew into Chicago this morning, a brief stop before flying on. I'll miss him though -- we leave Friday morning and he flies back to Chicago to go back to Delhi Friday night. Oh well. We did talk on the phone -- his words were, "sounds like you're on a paid vacation."


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angelmeg said...

I have tagged you with the BRA Meme. It really is a lot more prestigious than it sounds. Thanks for being an inspiration to me.