Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I really do love this city. Last night novice bro Matt and I went out for a walk (same route pretty much as last year) around the UofT area -- Matt went to St. Michael's college, so he was showing me around his old stomping grounds. (And Mac, yes, this time I did spot the Bata Shoe Museum.]

Here are some photos from the walk.

[Last year: photos of St. Michael's Cathedral, St. Peter's parish, and one random chalk graffito on the sidewalk.]

A corridor at University College

University College

The ROM-tumor. The less said the better.


Honest Ed's, an institution at Bloor and Bathurst.


pritcher said...

I don't suppose your road trip takes you to any other Us of T associated with the Paulists?

Gashwin said...

Alas, no. This is the last pastoral stop. We go to the lake house at Lake George, NY after this for brief R&R before heading back to DC and the Novitiate.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Re: Royal Ontario Museum - looks like the guys who started out crumpling the Stata Center finished up with this one. It really does remind me of one of those crumpled paper paper-weights that museum stores sell.

Do they make mini museum paperweights?