Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you Jesus, for bringing me this far.
In your light I see the light of my life.
Your teaching is brief and to the point:
You persuade us to trust in your heavenly Father;
You command us to love one another,
What is easier than to believe in God?
What is easier than to love him?
Your yoke is pleasant, your burden is light,
You, the one and only Teacher!
Your promise is everything to those
Who obey your teaching:
You ask nothing too hard for a believer,
Nothing a lover can refuse.

Your promises to your disciples are true,
Entirely true, nothing but the truth.
Even more, you promise us yourself.
The perfection of all that can be made perfect.
Thank you, Jesus, now and always.

- St. Nicholas of Cusa. (Emphasis added)

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