Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lake George

We're at the community lake house (built by Fr. Hecker himself) overlooking Lake George, NY, an hour or so north of Albany.

A long drive from Toronto. We stopped at the Falls (one of my Novice brothers had never been there before). It was a cloudy and grey day, which adds a certain atmosphere to the Falls. We had lunch at a restaurant where a friend of my other novice brother is one of the managers. It was one of the best burgers I've ever eaten, and they comped half our meal!

An uneventful drive east on the NY Thruway. Around Rome we started encountering thunderstorms and brilliant lightning displays. After Albany, it started pouring cats and dogs. It hasn't let up since. And the lightning over the lake is just beautiful.

Matt and I sat out on the porch smoking the cigars we picked up in Niagara (no, not Cubans. Didn't want to risk that!) and talking about life the universe and everything, as the rain poured down on the lake, and lightning lit everything up for a few bright milliseconds.

Inside, the fireplace is blazing in the hearth with the Latin inscription: "His throne a flame of fire. Bless the Lord of the fire and summer!"

Life is good! (A post about Lake George from last year. Flickr set.)

Niagara Falls on a cloudy, grey day.

A 30-second exposure at about 10 pm., Lake George

Not the ones we brought over.


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