Saturday, September 22, 2007

How to talk to evangelicals

I've only recently come across this interesting blog maintained by a Christian (Catholic?) in the Middle East, who writes under the pseudonymn of Abu Daoud. It's called Islam and Christianity, and focuses largely on issues at the intersection of the two religions. It's now on my blogroll. In this post, Abu Daoud gives some great advice on how to respond to an evangelical who thinks that traditional Christians in the Middle East (Catholics and Orthodox) aren't truly Christian. Go have a look!

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Abu Daoud said...

You are very kind to link to my blog brother.

I am also happy to see the growth of the Faith in India. In fact my son's godparents are from India. He was a Sikh and she was Hindu, but by God's ineffable grace they were called to Christ and they and their two children were baptized in our parish hall in an inflatable pool (I prefer baptism by immersion when it is possible).

If you or your readers have questions about Islam and Christianity, or about how to witness to Muslims I am at your disposal.

winterlightning_at__safe-mail(dot) net