Thursday, September 20, 2007

Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

All these visits to the Windy City, and I'd never been to the Cathedral. So, this morning after Mass, the novices drove down to Chicago and State, to visit the Bishop's See. It's a beautiful late 19th century Gothic revival Cathedral, with some interesting, and actually quite stunning, modern art incorporated in the interior in a way that actually works. (Notice in the third photo below, with the modern Resurrection Cross, the red galeros of former Cardinal Archbishops hanging from the ceiling, above the Cathedra.) Here are some photos. The rest at Flickr.


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Lovely shots. I posted a question on one of the Flickr pics & I'll ask here as well: What's a galeros? (Google was no help.)

Dogwood Dell said...

Love this Cathedral. Last time I was there was two years ago on Palm Sunday.

What a joy!

Gashwin said...

Google doesn't tell you what a galero is (galeros is plural)? I'm surprised! It's the red hat that a Cardinal gets from the Pope as a sign of his office. The galero is rarely worn on public occasions nowadays (I am not even sure it's still actually given out in the ceremony, I think the Pope just places the red zuchetto on the newly created Cardinal), but the tradition of hanging the galero above the cathedra of a Cardinal Bishop or Archbishop is an old one.