Saturday, September 08, 2007

Get Pope Benedict on Facebook

Just saw this group on Facebook (the largely collegiate social-networking site): The Papal Facebook Initiative, which seeks to get 1 million members, and then petition the Holy See to add Pope Benedict to Facebook. Now whether anyone in the Curia has ever even heard of Facebook is a different question.

Here's some fantastic quotes, as people try and imagine what it might be like having the Pope on Facebook:
"And The Lord Commandeth From His Seat At The Father's Right Hand, Speaking To His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, And He Sayeth 'Take Into Thine Hands The Reign Of Divinity, And Leadeth The Sheep Of This Earth Into New Spiritual Awakenings.' And The Pope Replied, From His Study, Stooped In Prayer, 'Oh, Lord, Show Me The Way. Let Your Will Be The Light That Guides Me.' And The Lord Replied, 'Thou Shalt Facebook'"
(Credit: Ted Irvin)

...the pope sends you a gift: "You have received the Holy Spirit." (Credit: Jessica Condon)

...your Mini-Feed said "Pope Benedict has tagged you in an encyclical." (Credit: Josh Vanderslice)
The group's up to ~9000 members, so it does have a ways to go. But, who knows, right?

[At some point I'll write something up about the phenomenal Catholic presence on Facebook. Americanpapist has commented on this already -- it's actually pretty darn inspiring.]

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