Saturday, September 01, 2007

Football season is here! GO GAMECOCKS!

Ah the excitement of Gameday! Lord knows when I'll be able to actually experience another Carolina game live ... but in the meanwhile, thank goodness for technology.

A friend invited me to watch the USC-ULALA game over in Fairfax (thanks Miriam!)... got there only at half-time, just in time to see that third Carolina touchdown. A close game, kinda blah. We looked really amateurish on the field. Ok, we pushed them back from the goal twice. But why the heck where they there in the first place? One theory was that Spurrier is pulling his punches, not wanting to reveal too much to Georgia. Boy, next week is going to be tough, though, regardless!

And Tennesse is taking a pounding from Cal ... 45-31 in the fourth quarter!

Clemson plays FSU on Monday ... Go Seminoles!

College football season is here! Yay!

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pritcher said...

Yeah, I only caught bits and pieces of the TN game, but at one point we were winning, then when I looked back we were getting killed. It hurt so bad I couldn't get to sleep.

Well, maybe the non-drowsy cold medicine I'd taken also had something to do with it.