Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dedication of the Hecker Center for Ministry

The newly opened Hecker Center for Ministry was officially dedicated today at a simpe ceremony presided over by Arhbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington DC. St. Paul's College in DC has had a long history of association with the Archdiocese -- the Paulists were the first order to send students to the newly opened Catholic University of America; Paulist Msgr. Burke was instrumental in founding the National Catholic War Council which eventually became the USCCB (which is right next door). The Hecker Center was created by redisgning two major wings of the college to "enhance a partnership with national Catholic organizations and others located at St. Pual's for this purpose." These include the Canon Law Society of America, the Carmelite Institute, Christian Brothers Conference, Fair Trade Federation, the Paulist Press Newman Bookstore and the United States Catholic Mission Association.

A phalanx of Bishops (in town, many staying at SPC, for the Administrative Commitee Meeting of the USCCB), numerous Paulists (most in collars, a couple of seminarians in the Paulist habit which is slowly making somewhat of a comeback), the President of Trinity University and CUA, and others were present for the occasion. A few photos follow.

A phalanx of Bishops

Archbishop Wuerl delivers the homily

Archbishop Wuerl blessing the Center. The deacon behind him is newly ordained Paulist deacon Rev. Mr. Steven Bell CSP.

I actually don't have any pictures of the Center itself (!) -- however the link above will take you to a page with photos. The following quote from the writings of Fr. Hecker was read at the service:
The light the age requires for its renewal, can only come from the same source, the cultivation of the Holy Spirit in the individual soul. The renewal of the age depends on the renewal of religion. The renewal of religion depends upon the greater effusion of the creative and renewing power of the Holy Spirit. The greater effusion of the Holy Spirit depends on the giving of increased attention of His movements and inspirations of the soul. The radical and adequate remedy for all the evils of our age, and the source of all true progress, consists in increased attention and fidelity to the action of the Holy Spirit in the soul. "Thou shalt send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created: and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth."