Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cricket on Red Bull

A NYT piece analyzes the latest evolution in the genteel game of the Raj: Twenty20 cricket: twenty overs, the game over in a few hours, rather than a whole day (the "shorter" version, a One Day match) or the traditional five-day Test Match.

Alas, the purist in me laments and rends his garments. Not that I've really had the time to follow a test match in ages. But, I am my father's son, and a traditionalist in such matters.

Would I watch a Twenty20? Probably. And force myself not to enjoy it either. :)

And of course, I'm delighted that we beat Pakistan.

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angelmeg said...

I am pure American and have never understood Cricket. (As if I have spent hours trying).

I don't get any part of it from the batting to the running to the scoring.

But I do know what a googly (Sp) is becasue I saw one thrown in a movie!!!!!