Monday, September 10, 2007

Bishops in the house

A whole slew of Bishops is in the house. The USCCB's Administrative Committee meets today and tomorrow, and since they're right next door, SPC is a convenient place for a visiting prelate to lodge.

At the pre-dinner "community time" I was a bit startled to see my own former ordinary, the soon-to-be new Bishop of Birmingham, stroll in. We ended up sitting at dinner together in cordial chit-chat, and he shared many stories about Bishop Hughes of St. Augustine (Bishop Baker used to be a priest of that diocese), who was Bishop when he was in seminary, who, apparently, intervened directly with Pope Pius XII on behalf of Archbishop Stepanic of Croatia who was being accused by the post-war regime of collaboration by the Nazis. (Abp Stepanic was beatified by Pope John Paul II.)

"If asked, do we have to say nice things about the Paulists to the Bishops?" I inquired. "Yes," said Father Novice Master, "that would be nice."


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