Monday, August 06, 2007

Wassup with this?

::UPDATE :: It might have been pipe bombs in the trunk. Let's see what a court determines happened here. ::

Two guys arrested near Goose Creek with explosive devices. Wonder what this is about, eh? Given our frayed nerves, one jumps to images of jihadi cells in Moncks Corner plotting wanton destruction in the Low Country ... too early to tell, and feeding speculation is not the most constructive thing is it.


WIS TV (Columbia)

Charleston Potst and Courier which quotes the FBI as saying that the "men are not suspected of orchestrating a terrorist plot" and then a few paragraphs later, somewhat contradictorily, that a terrorism task-force is still reviewing the evidence. This, however, made me goggle at the screen:
DeWitt said the men were pulled over Saturday night on U.S. Highway 176 while driving more than 60 mph in a 45-mph zone. When an officer approached the car, he saw one of them men fold a laptop computer, which the officer believed was suspicious, DeWitt said.
Note to self -- when driving while brown, if pulled over, do not fold any laptops! Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert ... have at it!

Of course, I hope that this is overreaction -- two brown Muslim kids who got caught with ... weird fireworks? I can totally believe that two brown kids with weird sounding names and weird-looking fireworks could end up being treated like this, when two white kids would not.

I hope I'm right.


Mac said...

The ongoing story of the wretched Dr Haneef in Australia would possibly be a propos. It has been all over the news here; the general consensus (I could be wrong) seems to be entirely in his favour. It is a great relief to this civil libertarian that Dr Haneef's appearance on the telly was at the end rather than the beginning of it all and that the general public outcry on his behalf was on the basis of an unflattering black and white mugshot -- and hence, one hopes, on principle -- rather than because on the telly on his way out of the country he was a nice looking kid with a sweet smile.

The Tory PM of Canada is due to address the Australian Lower House of Parliament next month. A great partisan of the "Liberal" (but ie extremely conservative) PM John Howard (and vice versa) who has somewhat nauseatingly posed for mildly disgusting photos in Ottawa with a fellow partisan of GW Bush. One wonders just what the PM of Canada will say: "We are all for America except when America gets hoity-toity about its purported commitment to Free Trade (ha ha); we are all for America except when it thinks we ought to buy into its lunatic war in Iraq; hmmm...Mr Howard, just what are you doing?"

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Update from 8-31:

CNN story - they've been indicted on explosives charges

Thought I'd post since you've got less time to surf the web now.